Personal Vs. Group Training

Since I've started training clients- I have had the privilege to gain experience working with so many different types of people( some of these may sound harsh but this is the reality of the industry I am in). I have dealt with and seen in this industry

*bad ass work horses (just absolute rock stars that just want to mix up their training with PT sessions)

*happy and positive and eager to learn

*unbelievably consistent (highest success rate)



*grateful and excited

*quitters mentality

and the list goes on, I've got to say though that I have been insanely lucky to have clients work their HINEYS off while laughing with me, don't take themselves too seriously, and are there for not just their physical health but because they want to establish these healthy lifestyle habits.

If I have learned anything, it's that when people come to be for training (group or individual) they are coming with a need, a desire, and a focus on something that they just can't quite get to on their own. The reason I love my career path is because I get to help people start out vulnerable in a setting they may be totally unfamiliar with in and lead them to understand that "YOU DON'T NEED ME". I wasn't the one who set your alarm clock, got your a** out of bed, drove you to the gym, and flop down on the floor to do 50 burpees. NO that is YOU! There are so many reasons to be so proud by starting or ending your day with something that fuels good inside of you both inside and out.

"Mkay Eliza cooool but what are you getting at?"

Everyone starts with a goal- some people don't know exactly how to get there. Should they begin with personal or group training? I'm here to hammer out the true benefits and pit falls of both- this is zero BS- all things that I have learned and am continuing to learn as I train!


1. Better If you have injuries/require special attention as a novice in the gym

2. Are better able to track progress, as the personal trainer can customize a program catered to your goals/abilities and keep track of previous reps/weights and increase as you become stronger

3. Develop a personal relationship with the trainer, which can in turn be more motivating, they will know specifically where and when they need to push you to do a little more

4. Scheduling with personal training can be more flexible than with group training/boot camps

5. Downside is that personal training can be slightly more expensive

6. Does not allow for competitive nature which is a huge motivator


1. Group training allows camaraderie- people feed off energy, the more energy- the better the workout

2. Humans are conditioned to work in groups, this is how the majority of life works, group settings create a type of comfort

3. Slightly more affordable

3. Accountability- you are 100% responsible for putting your all into the workout! This is where competition plays a key role.

4. Lack of modification- in a group setting it can be difficult to create modifications in moves for individuals without throwing off the groove of the class- in smaller groups these issues should be addressed before the workout!

Is this everything I know or everything there is to know about PT and group training? Heck no, just a glimpse of what people can expect in the beginning of their fitness journey. My advice= ask friends or family (not about diets or trends) but about what motives them, or what gets them to the gym/spin class/yoga/ or even a evening walk. Find what fuels you- here to help always. Feel free to email me or book a consult on the site, we can set up a chat, we can figure out if you should get to group training, personal training, or if you aren't close by, maybe online custom programs are a better fit for you.

All good things,



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