“Augustus! Save some Dahl for later!”..... Good luck Augustus, good luck.

Plant Based recipe - title and all dedicated to my sister Alexa, without whom I would never save room for later. Many thanks. Veggie Dahl

-Of course you can add tofu, Turkey, lamb, chicken, shrimp to this dish but the lentils, brown rice, and spinach give LOADS of easy to process and assimilate protein! Also- this recipe is PACKED with fiber so don’t be surprised if you are feeling EXTRA.... cleansed....? In the morning.

Note: This dish is meant to be mushy- which is preferable because 1. It is easier to absorb so you can get more nutrients 2. It is easier to be broken down in your gut which is less work for your body, which helps you eliminate waste more quickly whicccccch can most definitely aid in weight loss 💛

-Makes 6 large servings INGREDIENTS (I purchased all at Trader Joe’s) •sprouted brown rice •sprouted red lentils •1 can diced tomato •1 can coconut milk •1-2 cup veggie stock (depending on how soft you want lentils) •frozen spinach •1 yellow onion •fresh garlic •1 tbsp masala •1/2 tbsp cumin, chili flakes, turmeric •ginger root •2 small shakes cinnamon •(optional) I did about 1 or 2 shakes of curry powder DIRECTIONS You will need one large pot and one medium/small pot for the sprouted brown rice Start by heating large pot/pan with coconut/avocado oil with medium heat(this is personal preference, use EVOO if none of these are available) 1. Chop onion and 1 knob of the ginger root into small chucks and add into warming pot 2. Add dry ingredients (herbs and spices) stir together 3. Rinse a little more than 1/2 red lentils and add to warming pot along with *veggie stock and water *can of coconut milk *can of diced organic tomato *masala Cover pot on medium/slightly low heat for 25-30 mins, stirring periodically **while lentils are cooking, begin cooking the sprouted brown rice** (RICE TIP: Some rice can contain environmental toxins unfortunately, so add a bit more water to the pot than packaging recommends, *about 1/2 cup more* and boil normally and let cook for about 20-25 minutes on low) then drain the water before serving.

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