HEY YOU! “I travel for work, I just can’t maintain a workout schedule”

Okay- so you may not fall into this category, but you may fall into one of these ⬇️ 1. “I want to be fit so bad- but haven’t worked out in so long I would ‘literally die’” 2. “I have no clue what to do with all the gym equipment and feel like a dingus when I’m there.” 3. “I’m soooooo tired after work I just don’t want to sit in traffic and get to the gym so late” 4. MOST POPULAR: “I travel so much for work, I can’t stick to a gym schedule it too hard”.  

SO- I don’t want to say that I’m the fairy godmother of hotel/travel/home workouts- but.... I’m pretty fkin good about it. Why?! How?! SO BOLD of her- well, I used to go to college in the mountains where the temperature outside would get to -12 SO no way was I going to the gym, especially if I was going out or drinking that night! THIS WORKOUT 1. You can do it everyday and still be challenged - how? This is a HIIT workout that will get your heart rate high enough to keep you in a fat burning zone longer than your typical elliptical or low intensity workout. 2. You can do it ANYWHERE! If you doubt me, please try, I will give you any way to do this workout in any place. Places you can do this workout * cruise ships * parents basement * (partial workout) in a public bathroom at a pool party * beach * hallways if your room is too tiny  

HERE YOU GO- all you need is a Tabata Timer (free from your App Store- or just use your phone timer)

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