My 10 favorite Fitness & Health gadgets and go-to's of 2018 so far!

Quick note- this probably goes without saying but I’m not sponsored by or paid by any of these brands/places- these are honest items, places, foods, and ideas that I love and have recently been using/doing/implementing more over the past 4 months, let me know what you think and I hope this is helpful for some folks who are looking for some new and exciting heath “trends” - ALL GOOD THINGS


1. Vegan Dahl recipe- ZAAA this is the best meal and I have been making it at least once a month since finding it (because it honest to god lasts an entire week). WHY?! The lentils are protein packed, the sprouted brown rice is rich in fiber, tons of nutrients in the spinach/kale, anti-inflammatory properties in the cinnamon/tumeric! Also I just love filling, warm, soft hot dishes- eating a soupy/soft meal like this for dinner is key to waking up to regular digestion- your body isn’t working hard to break down food in the middle of the night so it can focus on helping your whole system while you sleep 😴 

Dahl- Lentil & Rice dinner

2. My Boie USA Toothbrush  (linked) - this is the first time I ever purchased anything because of an Instagram ad, low and behold it is one of my favorite household items. WHY?! The rubber in the brush is

SO much softer on my gums and allows me to really scrub thoroughly without any discomfort. The BEST part is that the bristles contain small amounts of silver to act as an anti-bacterial (bye poo particles floating in the baño) and it’s so pretty. 

HYLO Fitness HYLO Upper Body/Core Classes- as you might know if you follow my fitness Instagram @elizag_fitness I love leg day and it’s one of my favorite times to be solo in the gym! HOWEVER, I think having defined shoulders/arms is so beautiful in women and the HIIT/Weights in the upper body class have made me stricter on working specific parts of my upper body that I may only get to once and a while at the gym on my own. I really owe my recent tricep/bicep definition to HYLO right now (not just being biased I swear)

4. FRESH GINGER & Cats Claw teas (steeped myself because I haven’t found brand I like in store), I like to go to Eucalyptus Wellness inCharleston to get it. Cats claw benefits; immune boosting, helps with inflammation (lots of arthritic studies show benefits), digestion, calming properties Eucalyptus Wellness

5. Dehydrator - (this is the one I use and also the one I got for my sis) it’s small enough for Little kitchens! Making banana chips, sun dried tomatoes for salads! I prefer cinnamon banana chips- amazing for snacking, topping oats, smoothies, non dairy yogurt and crunch granola yum

6. Vita Flow B12/C- Since I have a majority plant based (not purely vegan) diet I lack some essential B vitamins that are typically found in mean, which is a big issue because it aids in using our food to create energy and such. Feel free to ask more questions on this but I won’t rant here,  but I go into Vida Flo in Charleston, plug in and get completely hydrated and boosted with the B vitamins/C vitamins I need. It’s helped clear up my skin, give me natural energy,and help with regularity/cleansing (this is very real) with the hydration

7. Simple. Baking Soda…honestly- my GO TO for face wash- along with the Vida Floand being mostly plant based, my skin hasn’t ever been this clear- let me note that it still isn’t great, it just isn’t as bad as it was! Baking soda creates a really nice exfoliating paste and is gentle enough without chemicals to use every day! Smoother, brighter, less clogged pores. Give it a try!

8. Siete Chips - I have a fetish for salty snacks, I love chips, but I don’t like that all the tortilla chips even the “healthy ones” are made with BS oils- these are actual tortilla chips not fried in canola oil/veggie oil (that isn’t really veggie btw) and non grain! Made from Cassava flour which is a good source of carbs and non inflammatory like corn can be, and fried in avocado or coconut oil. I ate an entire bag to myself last night. Not exaggerating. I usually just pick up a bag from Whole Foods whenever I’m there, I haven’t found them in any other stores so if anyone knows, TELL ME! These are THE BEST and HEALTHIEST that I have found YET! I have yet to feel bloating and heavy after eating a tonnnn of these bad boys!

9.  GGS from Kimberly Snyder - If you have followed me on social media, youall know I love my health guru Kimberly Snyder. She is a health & wellness expert and speaks super candidly about the benefits of not just plant based diets but overall wellness. She isn’t judgmental, she has done her homework, and she created this smoothie (GGS= Glowing Green Smoothie) is 70% green and 30% whole fruits. SO MUCH FIBER, SO MANY ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMIN C&D and I drink it at least 3 times per week more if I can on days I’m not up at 4am and don’t want to wake up my whole house and puppy with a blender. This may look like a trendy, BS, girly smoothie, and I’m really NOT a smoothie person but this makes me feel incredible. Absolutely hands down my favorite smoothie I’ve ever made I am forever happy I found it. 

10. This may be really bizarre, but it will change the feeling of your home. ACCENT LIGHTING ?!?!?

Soon I hope to minimize and eventually eliminate overhead lights- when I went to Amsterdam, Netherlands this year I fell in love with everything about it, especially their lack of overhead fluorescent lighting. There is no reason to have this kind of lighting in your life unless you are in the operating room- switching from overhead to accent lighting created a more welcoming, relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for the bedroom, living room, anywhere in the home really! I’ve been loving it, especially with a bedtime routine I am so much more calm when I’m getting ready for bed or spending any time in my bedroom and living room.  

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