You know you don’t drink enough water, so read this

Think of ONE thing that everyone has in common, the same thing that everyone could benefit from, which is also COMPLETELY controllable.... Thinking... WATER, people!!! Sweet, beautiful, nourishing, cool, quenching, drippy amazing WATER! One thing that I’ve had lots of questions with lately is “how do I drink more water throughout the day?” Here are some instances when we notice dehydration the most 1. When we are bloated 2. Flights/Travel in general 3. When your skin breaks out/gets dry 4. When you get headaches 5. When you can’t take a good poo everyday ..... aside from all of these things being physically uncomfortable. One other thing they have in common is they are all basically PREVENTABLE. Adding in water doesn’t have to be hard. Here are my 3 avant garden ways to add H2O into your body (even while traveling) I SWEAR BY THESE TIPS 1.Use a STRAW! I don’t mean carry a bundle of plastic straws that are shit for the environment, use them when you can, or (what I do)- buy a little metal straw and travel with it. Using straws help you drink way more water, they also allow for a little more air to enter through you so watch out for that (💨) BUT It has changed the game for me in terms of consuming a bunch in short periods of time

2.Order water with OUT ice! And drink it room temp or COOL! This is my favorite thing I do now or even at home, enjoying my water without ice and when I can, close to room temp. LISTEN TO THIS TIP AND DO IT- I DO THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY- before bed, set out a big glass of water to drink in the AM (ABSOLUTELY before coffee or consuming anything!!) having the water room temp will allow it to process into your system way easier, thus reaching your lower intestine faster and flushing that stuff out- you👏need👏 to 👏 do👏this! In your hotel room, your house, even after a night of drinking you can do this. Why not ice? Ice will make the water too cold so you won’t drink as much, that’s 1. 2. Your insides are WARM- so when you get freezing as balls water inside of you it has to digest and absorb while trying to maintain its inside temp. Room temp/cool water- hands down. 

3. EAT your water, when you travel (or live in Charleston and there are 50 new spots everyday to try) you want to try the breads, pastas, calamari, sugary drinks, try to eat your water and order an extra side of veggies with your dips at restaurants or in airports, most places have cucumbers or carrots to have as a side, things like celery, cauliflower, romaine/iceberg, broccoli and spinach have s**t tons of water! 

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