3 Things To Do Every Day To Combat Acne And Breakouts! Part 1

Three Things We Need To Be Doing Every Single Day To Combat Acne And Breakouts: Part 1

Have you ever had a fresh breakout (for me this meant around 5 zits in one small area no exaggeration) and try to get rid of them, then all of the sudden you are in a rush to get to work and HAVE to put concealer or makeup on them to cover the crazy redness and you think to yourself “Shit!! This is for sure going to make my breakouts worse, but I can’t walk into that place without coverup or I will look like a total pizza face!!” Those were my words in my head ALL THE TIME-still I am working on time management better to make sure moments like that don’t happen without time to let that area breath. **Plays zen music because of the immediate anxiety I get thinking about such scenarios**

So for the past 1-1.5 years I have tried, Cetaphil, Baking Soda, Clean & Clear Acne scrubs/cleansers, Aveno, Nourish Organic, Lemon/Salt/Sugar/Oil scrubs, Neutrogena Oil free (as well as a few other types) and these were JUST face washes, not to mention the 5-10 different “on the spot” acne treatments I would use on top of these other products. In Part 2 of this blog post I’ll go into detail with which products have actually worked for me.

3 Most Beneficial Lifestyle Adjustments That Reduced My Breakouts and Acne

REGULARITY - This Should Be Your #1 Priority Above Everything!

My favorite topic, the source of all evil AND all happiness, **boys close your ears** POOP! For anyone who is suffering from acne and inflamed skin take a look at how often you are going numero dos! If you are uncomfortable talking about poo, get the hell over it, if you don’t do it you die. Listen here! Here’s the breakdown

#2 is literally eliminating waste from the body. Waste = toxins, spoiled/putrified foods, fiber, etc. If you leave these in the body it will lead to internal inflammation and build up in thousands of ways.

Getting your body in a routine of going is one of the best things you can do for yourself, some ways you can do this;

A. Adding more fiber&water to your diet! Fiber is the non digestible part of a carb, so how do we get rid of that part of a carb that we may eat in grains, fruits, veggies? Ding ding ding- #2! We need fiber because it grabs onto toxins and waste in our lower intestine and basically escorts it out. Think of fiber as little colon gnomes with suitcases packing up all your crap for you and taking it to a dry water slide (your lower intestine) then we drink a bunch of water or foods containing water to flush it out. WE NEED FIBER. Most studies recommend about 35 grams of fiber per day per person, start tracking and you will almost ALL the time find that you are missing out.

Challenge yourself everyday for 1 WEEK to track your fiber and add in a couple more glasses of water and tell me your digestion doesn’t improve, I dare you!

B. Give your body a little more time to break down your last meal. What’s personally worked for me (this has taken years to really understand about myself) is not eating too quickly after I wake up. I’d say 95% of the time I wait until I go to the bathroom in the morning before my first meal or any food. I call this my “morning conference call” or MCC just can’t miss it, ya know? Your body has just spend the entire night of sleeping working to repair your mitochondria (ask questions if you need), delivering nutrients into your cells, and DIGESTING your food from the day. When you wake up, your dinner is just sitting in your belly. If you are eating again before you go to the bathroom, you are just stacking waste on waste which leads to bloat, acne, discomfort and an endless list of symptoms.

Here is a sample morning for you to try; Wake up, have a glass of water (I like mine a little cooler than room temp), have your hot water with lemon, then wait about 10-15 mins to have your coffee or tea or whatever beverage you like, still no food, give it a LITTLE more time!This will allow your body to rehydrate and get moving before hitting it with acidic coffee or any food.

Also, if you have tried a colonic, I want to hear about it. THANKS

Quick Tips To Kick Start Your MCC

1. Try Not To Eat Past 8PM

II. Eat Light To Heavy (think of your gut as a funnel, if you fill it first with heavy foods like meat/eggs/cheese, then you clog it faster, eating fruits/veggies/legumes earlier in the day then slowly moving into heavier foods, allowing nutrient dense foods that digest fastest the chance to move)

MY “reduc-itarian” DIET

I will explain this and then speak on the most important aspects of this lifestyle, along with that I will provide a few ways to implement these things and challenges for you to see how they work for you on an individual basis!

I’ll stop complaining about zits now and get to some solutions-so I have always had a healthy diet, lots of dark leafy greens/fiber, lot’s of water daily, no soda/lots of processed foods. This past year however, I have been more plant based and that has hands down been one of the biggest needle movers for my inflamed skin, here’s WHY!

1. Dairy is INCREDIBLY mucus forming in the body, also extremely acidic and inflammatory/tough to digest. Ingesting dairy causes lots of buildup in your body and ends up clogging you all up, which is reflected by acne, also since it is extremely inflammatory, those breakouts become heavily irritated! (Sound familiar to any of you?) I could go on for days about this but I won’t so feel free to always email or ask questions.

II. Not saying you have to be a vegan because I technically am not, I am mostly plant based but if there is an event or celebration or special experience then I will definitely indulge. HOWEVER, reducing the amount of meat, poultry, and eggs in your diet will automatically A. Reduce the amount of environmental toxins we ingest (i.e. cows that eat grass/grain with pesticides) B. Reduce the inflammation in our bodies because meat is a tough to digest food that needs a lot of mechanical processing to break down, C. Animals are living things, so they have hormones, most often treated with antibiotics and other things affecting their bodies.

If you are struggling with acne and have not reduced meat/dairy then don’t spend tons of money on facials/serums/cleansers and go straight to the source first to see if that helps.

III. Adding in more vegetables and fruits in general is just good for overall health. Antioxidants, fiber, chlorophyll, and other nutrients in plants aid in stimulating collagen, supporting our immune system, our anti aging hormones, and helping cleanse our systems of breakout causing toxins. Antioxidants in particular fight free radicals which can be damaging to skin cells, antioxidants are found in DEEP DARK COLORED FOODS (which are mostly full of fiber) like blueberries, beets, dark chocolate, blackberries, coffee, spinach, kale, and even coffee (doesn’t mean you should be guzzling Starbucks).

*Here’s a lifestyle tip that you have probably heard but may not be implementing quite yet; first thing in the morning, boil hot water and add the juice of 1 whole lemon. Do this before coffee and food and sip it slowly to A. Hydrate your internal organs (helps get the GI tract going if you catch my drift) B. Starts your day with a nice dose of vitamin C (this helps build and support cells that build collagen, also boosts immune system).

Some Simple Ways To Be More “Reduc-Itarian”

1. Add A Side Of Fresh Leafy Greens For Every Meal (eat before your meal if possible)

II. Opt For Dairy Free Cheese Options While Grocery Shopping For Basics- favorities>>> Creamer , Cheese Spread, Ice Cream

III. Try For One Week Having Only 1 Meal Per Day With Meat (some great substitutes are quinoa, lentils, black beans, hummus, tofu, Beyond meat)


It is so important to keep your skin hydrated, this will keep it plump and less susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized helps keep pores loose and able to release healthy oils that can clog pores and cause breakouts. We have all had those zits that we try to dry out that ends up drying out the whole area, when in reality, this can irritate the skin and cause more redness, irritation, and inflammation resulting on MORE zits.

For those who complain about blemishes, bloating, acne, or overall puffiness; take a look at how much water you drink each day. You can’t just walk around with a water bottle and take sips every hour, I hate to break it to you but having water sitting on your desk or in your purse just makes you look like you drink water. Truth is, you have to chug that shit. When I tell people I drink lot’s of water, I mean on any given day I will down no less than about 16 cups of water- it may seem like a lot but that’s about four Nalgene’s worth. Totally doable! I drink at least 3 cups before I have coffee or leave the house in the morning to kick start not only my lower intestines for my MCC.

Adding in more electrolytes to your diet daily will help send the liquids you take in to parts of your body where it’s needed MOST! Hence why athletes drink so much gatorade, (which just happens to be one of the most sugary sports drinks out there gross) avoid sugary drinks like this and go for drinks like Smart Water when you can!

Here Are Some Simple Ways To Get Hydrated

I. Hot Water With Lemon In The Morning Before Food/Coffee

II. Cucumbers And Celery

III. Setting Daily Water Chugging Reminders

IIII. Cut caffeine after 12PM

All in all- getting rid of acne and red inflamed skin with products will truly only be temporary until you heal your inflammation from the inside out - start with fruits and vegetables in abundance, leave out the dairy, drink/eat more water which will lead to your version of the daily MCC- and it will all come full circle. Clear out your insides for clear skin!

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