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Nutrition Client Testimonials

Over the past 4 years, my clients have overcome some of their biggest health concerns. Often the goals are; weight loss, digestive health, elevating natural energy, and reducing chronic inflammation through a plant dominant lifestyle

 Starting with open communication and a realistic approach, we break down their large goal into digestible bits. Over the three months of working together we go through a custom protocol that is designed to 

-reach a tangible health goal

-understanding of nutrition  knowledge

-tools to implement the steps to get there

-motivated to continue to uplevel their health and wellness


"Prior to working together, I had a lot of assumptions about what a healthy nutritional plan looked like. But in reality, I was cherry picking elements of healthy eating that were convenient and, as a result, my nutrition lacked balance. I was in a cycle of trying different ‘diet plans’ that would last only two weeks (at best) with no real systemic changes that were built to last. Since working with Eliza, I feel like I am on the path to a better me. A ‘me’ that feels more natural and is more aligned to where I am striving to be and my natural state of being."

S.H. - 29 year old female

"I can't properly articulate how exciting the results of following your meal plan for even just my first month did for me. I can't think of an aspect of my life that hasn't seen a positive effect. Physically, my skin is better than ever. I have struggled with hormone imbalance accompanied by cystic acne and your meal plan has helped more than any topical medication I've ever tried in my 27 years of living. Not to mention, I used the inbody scanner and was down a few lbs, but more importantly was 1.8% down in body fat in just three weeks! I could go on and on about the changes I feel and have experienced. More energy, less afternoon slump, regulated hormones, and clear skin... 
I think one of the best things about this meal plan is that it's not a "diet" in that I am still living my life and have been able to really be more cognizant of what my body needs. I 100% see this as a sustainable change for the better in my life.

C.C 27 Years old

  "I’m just like some of you…30 something, wife, and working mom of 2 young boys.  I gained unwanted weight with each pregnancy that I just could not lose and then gained more on top of that!  Until, eventually, I was 30 lbs over my goal weight and knew that I had to make a change.  January 2019, I made the decision to go whole food plant based and after two months of trying it on my own I reached out to Eliza.  If I was going to be successful, I needed more recipes then just rice and beans.  I need variety, and honestly, I just needed someone to make my life a little easier! Shortly after starting her plans, I felt like a whole new person!  My face cleared up, zero bloating,  and I started sleeping like a rock…I mean the best sleep EVER (even with two young kids)! "

E.T. 35

"It’s tough to feel motivated when your goals seem so far away.  A little voice is in your head telling you to surrender to age or to live with that “new weight” that you have acquired. You lose all motivation when you can’t see or feel your desired results.  You know that you are giving 100% at the gym and eating what you have been told is the “right way”, so why can I not get to that magic number?


For the past decade, I have been going through the same vicious cycle most girls go thru.  Trying the new trendy diets, new workouts, no carbs, no sugars, macros, keto, bullshit, bullshit.  And all of them have the same ending, minimal results and always feeling unhappy and frustrated. 
I have now been working with Eliza for over a year.  She has truly changed not only my life but also the lives of those closest to me.  My mom is no longer on diabetic medication.  My best friend follows Eliza’s plans, so we are able to share this journey together.  My husband recently jumped on the Eliza train and swears he can already see new abs. What about me you ask??  Well, I have far surpassed that magic number that I once dreamed about.  In fact, I have lost 23 pounds.  I feel strong.  I feel healthy.  I feel FREEDOM.  And most importantly, I feel alive again.  Eliza has reintroduced me to all of those AMAZING foods that had once been on the blacklist. You know the ones (potatoes, rice, BREAD!)  She has taught me to love food again.  And in the process, she has taught me to love ME again. "


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